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Website Management & Support Services

On a day-to-day basis, we understand that website management can be difficult.

You spend time working out how to complete a task, only for it to be overwritten the next time you click “update.” Likewise with website security; you do hours of research, have a plan lined up and suddenly hackers compromise your website. CloudEast will remove all doubt from your mind and allow you to focus completely on your business.

Our team of experts, based in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, specialise in management and maintenance of websites. Our managed website services cover everything from: protection against cyber threats, to essential general maintenance of your websites and applications.

We have pre-defined management plans for sole traders and businesses of all sizes, through to multi-website networks for larger organisations and schools.

Designed to grow and protect your online presence, our support plans include, but features are not limited to:

Enhanced Website Security

Our website management plans will protect your website from potential security issues.

On the rare occasion that a problem occurs, regardless of severity, these are always our priority; whether you need us to install an SSL Certificate or something far more complex.

When it comes to protection and prevention, our team have all the necessary means to detect and prevent in place. When a customer migrates their website to our hosting servers, we undertake various checks and report any problems we find. We purge any website of malware and viruses. Included in all of our service plans are regular off-site incremental backups.

  • Automated Security Updates
  • Custom SSL Configuration
  • Fast DNS & DDoS Protection

Website Load Speed and Server Performance Optimisation

Our in-house developers and system admins have spent years mastering the art of keeping a website performing to its optimum level.

With our new hosting server infrastructure, we have a perfectly built-for-purpose platform. Every server we build is high-performance, high security, compatible with WordPress, Magento and more.

We also provide support at every level; whether the problem you have is front facing (Google reporting slow website load speed) or in the background (the server PHP version needs an upgrade), we will be quick with performance optimisation.

Offering scalable solutions, whether that is shared hosting or a VPS, allows you the peace of mind to focus on other parts of your business.

Benefits of a bespoke hosting server include its scalability, further security assurance and custom software update scripts. All of which contribute to a knowledge that our platform will allow your day, as well as your business, to run smoothly.

  • Advanced Caching Rules
  • On-Going Site Speed Optimisation
  • Apache & NGINX Tuning
  • Multi-Server Load balancing
  • Private Cloud Networks
  • Custom Server Configurations

Business Critical Support

Sometimes problems occur during your day that require an efficient response and resolution.

For example, you’ve just been informed that the payment gateway on your website is experiencing issues, so nobody can complete their checkout. It’s not something you wish on any business, but it can happen for any reason.

Our UK technicians are always on hand to provide support, even in the most mission-critical times.

There have been times we’ve been relied upon for consultancy and legislation advice. The latest time this has been needed of course being in mid-2018, when the GDPR was brought in. When the next big legislations come into force, we’ll be there to guide you through.

Those who operate on a website management contract gain priority booking for one-off and ongoing tasks. We keep a schedule, so we can even provide you with an estimated time for the fix. For this reason, our website support is trusted by 100s of schools, businesses and organisations. All of which thrive under our management and assistance.

We are well-known for being a personable, willing and knowledgeable group of real people. We pride ourselves on being cut from a different cloth when it comes to management of time, tasks and customers.

  • WordPress Support & Training
  • Consultancy & Analysis
  • Custom Backup Configuration
  • Payment Gateway Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Up-Time / Resolution-Time Guarantees
  • Legislation Guidance
  • UK Hosting

Continuous Enhancements

Websites managed by us are far less likely to require a comprehensive technical overhaul in the future.

Continuous, planned enhancements to your website’s design, coding or content are proven to make a website more user-friendly. Our dedicated team are constantly reviewing the latest trends and features, so we’ll be proactive in telling you where we believe any enhancements can be made.

All of the time spent on updates and reviews will keep your website functioning perfectly, regardless of age. When we say that our plans will help grow and nurture your online presence, we mean it from all perspectives.

Search Engine Optimisation is also a big part of our daily thought process. If you need more content to compete for higher rankings, backlinks or a new Meta title, we’ll research and advise.

  • Pro-Active Website Maintenance
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Advice & Strategy

Let CloudEast take the hassle out of managing your website once and for all.

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