When your website is hacked and infected with malware and viruses it is detrimental to your brand. Visitors often feel unsafe and may never return.

Let Cloud East provide malware protection for your website and prevent these problems from occuring.

Website Malware Protection & Removal

Every day hackers infect thousands of websites with malware. Hacks take place behind the scenes and it’s only when you see messages, like ‘this website may be hacked’ that you realise the damage has been done. The problem is that, by this point, the attack has been carried out. Without you knowing, hackers can send spam emails from your domain, harvest passwords by recording keystrokes, steal billing details or worse.

We cover all areas of website security; including server protection and file security, as well as optimising security policies maintained on your website. We do not leave any stone unturned, so when undertaking our malware prevention and removal services, you can rest assured we’re taking the utmost care.

The vast majority of attacks are automated and do not target a specific business. Even if you can’t think of anyone who might attack you, there can be someone out there trying and this is what we work so hard to prevent. Whether your website has been hacked or you would like to reduce the risk of an attack, our team are well versed in preventative measures.

We also provide emergency post-hack services, so if you find yourself in that situation we’re the agency to call.

  • Malware & Virus Removal
  • Security Breach Prevention
  • Server Vulnerability Audit
  • Host Multiple Websites
  • Emergency Post-Hack Fix
  • Security Policy Advice

There are numerous malware protection measures that all businesses should put in place. Make sure Cloud East is one of those measures.

Emergency Malware Removal

CloudEast provide emergency website malware removal services for all websites, whether you’rehosted on our servers or not. If your website has been hacked, speak to our team and we’ll there to help.

We won’t just restore backups to obscure the cause of the hacking; often these problems occur as a result of a vulnerability with the code, or a plugin with poor security practices. Our team will ensure your website is live and operational in the shortest time possible, all while ensuring maximum security.

Malware Detection

Website hacks are sometimes obvious; code errors may be displayed or the hacker may have uploaded a political message to all your visitors.

Commonly, a hack will go undetected for some time and a hacker will be able to expolit your website for other purposes. For example; sending spam emails, harvesting bitcoin or overriding the processing power of a server to launch a bigger attack.

If left untreated, search engines and web browsers will display warning messages to your visitors that the website may harm their computer. Eventually search engines and antivirus software will drop the website completely.