Cloud East’s web development talents have been honed with years of experience so we know attention to detail is paramount when building bespoke web platforms and applications. Many features must be considered.

Not only are CloudEast well versed in the development of websites built with WordPress and Magento. But also have vast experience building bespoke applications, we help businesses; to automate their processes, simplify administration tasks, attract new customers and grow.

With a passion for web development part of our DNA, we always undertake every project with the same enthusiasm. Our web developers are experienced in their craft so your needs for bespoke web applications, online portals as well as website designs and more will be delivered with a smile. Whether you require a system that manages a large number of members, that can take bookings, improves internal processes or can perform any other complex function, we will tackle it with the same approach every time.

Bespoke Web Design & Development

Our parent company was formed over 15 years ago and have grown to become a leading web design agency in the area over that time. With 800+ development clients, we make keeping a strong team of specialist web developers a big priority. Each developer has a skill set that, in our opinion, cannot be replicated and everyone contributes to creating a platform focused on the success of every client.

UX and functionality are two huge factors into our thought process. No matter how simple or multifaceted a platform must become, our initial thoughts are always “how can we make the perfect experience for every user?” Often we are asked to create complex, bespoke platforms, but we’ll always take the time to understand yours and your customer’s requirements first. Consultancy is within us, so naturally, we try to keep everyone’s best interests at heart.

Another related factor into the web development side of your business is scalability. Creating an application, platform or website that is never going to change is very rare, so we always keep growth in mind by building scalable platforms. Our consultants will look to understand the potential requirements of every system during the planning stage, so your platform has the ability to evolve as your business grows.

Web Development – Benefits of Our Service

  • Agile Development
  • Continuous Delivery
  • API & System Integrations
  • On-Going Management
  • In-house design team
  • Established agency
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Latest Technologies
  • UX Development
  • Consultancy & Analysis

Custom Software Development

Cloud East will work collaboratively with you. From initial planning and consultancy through to software development and delivery. Over the years, the need for bespoke software developments has become more prevalent. Therefore, we have been able to create custom software pieces for use in a wide range of sectors and project sizes. Often businesses find existing SAAS or Open Source platforms become costly and don’t fit their needs. That may be the case for you – call Cloud East for more information today if so.

Could your productivity could be improved? Your organisation made better as you’re using a paper trail or you’ve found customer satisfaction levels reducing? Perhaps a CRM system is on the cards. We make customer management far easier. Not only that, but we also provide digital solutions for your internal workflow. Our systems could help your employees become more efficient, happier or just more connected.

Ongoing Web Development & Support

We believe in evolution, not revolution. With strategic retainer projects, we remove the need for a complete re-development of a system when it reaches a certain age. We gradually tweak things, only adding prioritised features and making small changes to design when requested. Our way of keeping leaner costs and faster delivery to you.

Our proactive approach to every project means we are always on-hand to help with the growth of your business. We take great pride in our work and are driven to ensure everything we create exceeds expectations.

These bespoke systems are designed and developed with evolution in mind, so they’ll grow with your business. A recommedation of ours is to focus on continuous delivery – our packages enable us to nurture your platform and we offer post launch support packages, so you’ll always have an answer to any questions you have.

Database Development

Custom Software Development

Building complex business databases is a speciality of ours. Our applications aid customers with tracking orders, stock maintenance and many more admin related tasks. We are proud to say that we help businesses streamline their work and become more efficient with our easy-to-use programs, making dynamic platforms for all areas of your business.

Some of our work is working with older databases – naturally, some have had the same for years and this is not uncommon. Do you feel loyalty to a certain platform, or would like to use the same framework? We are experienced and happy with optimising the current platform’s performance. Our task then, would be to work alongside you to identify potential enhancements for performance and implement those as quickly as possible so your business remains on its feet.

API & System Integrations

We’ll always believe that systems are powerful when they work together, and even better when they work well. Projects often have functionality specifications making them distinct to others including the use of third party feeds, APIs amongst others. Our experience allows us to link platforms together and generally improve the quality of application you use. So
whether you need an API, property feed, marketing automation or inventory management system on your website, we’ll provide a solution.

When working with APIs, our development team have the ability to manipulate the data that is found to fit the specific needs of your project. This data is then used to develop bespoke applications for each platform.

Call Cloud East today if you have any questions about our web development skills or would like to enquire about starting a project. The number to call is 01473 921937 or alternatively you can email us.