Creating a quality web application requires considerable skill and planning. Proper web application testing is often overlooked when striving for functionality or a pending launch date.

Web application testing is focused on looking for bugs, hidden errors in the code, functionality and security flaws and ideally undertaken throughout development and at minimum before the software is launched for production use.

  • Discover Vulnerabilities
  • Expose Insecure Functionality
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Quality Assurance
  • Catch Security Flaws
  • Reduce Risk
  • Improve User Interaction
  • Usability & Design

Vulnerability Scanning

There is often more too see than what’s loaded in the web browser. Production servers commonly have error reporting disabled, turning error reporting back on can reveal huge errors behind the scenes.

We can uncover flaws in code that are vulnerable to SQL injection and hacking, scan for hidden files which can result in data breaches or loss if property (e.g. / and report back to you with feedback in the quality of the code and security flaws discovered.

Usability & Device Testing

We can identity opportunities in user interface to help with both conversion rates and for business applications, reduced training or work load.

There are many devices, screen sizes and web browsers to contend with and they’re constantly being updated. So getting a website looking perfect across the board is an ongoing task. With access to over 1200 browsers on IOS, Android, Windows and Mac we can keep check on things and provide screenshots of issues and report back with feedback and resolutions.

Functional Testing

Functional testing compares what application is supposed to do with what is actually happening.

Good functional testing from an outside source will highlight what users expected to happen vs what really happens. There may be more efficient and simpler ways to perform the same function which will ultimately improve engagement. In turn, this can also increase enquiries, sales revenue and also time inefficiency.