CloudEast is a leading provider of full managed web hosting, we’re a trusted partner for 100’s of local businesses and organisations across East Anglia and the UK.

1. We’ll make your life easier

Stop stressing about down-time, security issues and malware. We keep our systems very secure and backed-up, should an issue arise, it will prioritised and resolved by our team.

2. We’ll help you sleep at night

No more frenzied ‘Googling’ server or website issues, just send us an email and it will be solved. If you’re using WordPress, we’ll ensure your WP core, themes and plugins are all kept up-to-date and backed-up – without the need to login and manually click the buttons.

3. We’ll make your website faster

Our servers aren’t cramped, there aren’t thousands of other customers hogging the CPU or memory. We’re a generous host and their will always be plenty of space for everyone.

Technically speaking, our servers run with blazing fast SSD storage and are configured with PHP 7 and HTTP/2 – which is the latest in web server technology. Our developers are also on hand to fine tune your website to get that all elusive Google Page Speed perfect score.

4. Full Service Management

Unlike most hosting providers who solely provide servers, we offer a full service from our UK based and in-house team of designers, developers and system administrators.

Whether you have a long list of improvements or just need small bug fixes on your website or application, you can simply call or email with one of the team to ensure your site is not only secure, but continuously being improved and optimised to help grow your business online.